Beginning with the Bike Tour

Beginning with the Bike Tour
  • Day 9: the Trolltunga climb
    Waking up in a hotel room and swapping our usual oats for a full breakfast buffet was a new novelty. Our excuse to pile our plates was that we needed to fuel up for the active day ahead. Before commencing our cycle back to Copenhagen we were visiting Hardangervidda national park to complete the Trolltunga […]
  • Day 8: a tour of Bergen
    For the first time we woke to the drizzle of rain on our tent. We packed quickly and got on our bikes to head back into Bergen for our sightseeing day and night in the city. Luckily the rain wasn’t heavy but we were glad it had come today rather than on a long ride. […]
  • Day 7: Moberg to Bergen
    Day 7 and only 30km left to get to Bergen. We departed our little den in the woods and headed back to find the main road. The day was greyer than the brilliant sunshine and blue skies we had been accustomed to. Our ride into Bergen was uneventful and mostly on road. We noticed the […]
  • Day 6: Haugesund to Moberg
    We woke up to more good weather and had breakfast at our campsite overlooking the sea. We were refreshed and excited for day 6. Having looked ahead at the route we could see that it snaked along rugged coastline and crossed multiple islands linked by bridges. We wondered if this was the day we would […]
  • Day 5: Stavanger to Haugesund
    After a day travelling by ferry and train we were keen to get back on our bikes. We left the campsite, cycling back into town through the park next to the lake. Although eager to get back in the saddle we realised we weren’t getting far without taking another ferry. We checked the different routes […]

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